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Lakaysha done!

Lakaysha done! published on No Comments on Lakaysha done!

My experimental project to stick a Storm Collectibles Dennis Rodman head on a Hasbro Classic GI Joe body is complete! That was fun. I sure wish I could find more cheap articulated dolls at Goodwill…

As a reminder, I cut huge chunks out of the GI Joe body. It lost height out of both the thighs and calves, width out of the torso, and a little length out of the forearms. I also carved out the original head to create a base for the Rodman head, which was missing a lot of the back of its jaw. Finally I got rid of the original hands and reduced the upper arms’ bulk to increase range of motion at the elbows.
And here’s a mostly final shot [except for hair, which may change] with hands and clothing added. None of the lumpy modifications appear beneath her shirt and pants, so I now have a decently articulated figure to add body shape diversity to my dolls. Lakaysha stands just under 27cm/11″.

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