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Julian the scientific adventuress and her carebot Cara in progress

Julian the scientific adventuress and her carebot Cara in progress published on No Comments on Julian the scientific adventuress and her carebot Cara in progress

Behold Julian and Cara as they currently stand! For those of you that haven’t been following, Julian is the center of my latest 1:6 scale universe. Wry, Gothy, and lonely, she’s a brilliant inventor with an affinity for steampunk. She became rich when she developed a personal carebot for people with mobility impairments, of which her clockwork friend Cara is the more sophisticated and independent prototype. With the luxury of economic stability, she devotes her time to the invention of steampunk devices to make the lives of other disabled people not only easier, but also infinitely cooler.

Because she has spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, Julian can move only her head, neck, and right arm [and her right leg if she gets really angry and has to kick someone]. Thus she uses a power wheelchair, which she, of course, has steampunked out, for mobility. She is nonverbal, so she communicates with a tablet computer for text-to-speech.  

Julian is a Mattel She-Ra heavily modified to reduce height and increase poseability. Repaint and wig by me. The base of her power chair is a Hot Toys Sweeney Todd barber chair. Cara is a Character Options Clockwork Droid, currently default, except she doesn’t have a face mask. The Fiendish Device 2.0 with which they are messing around is part of the innards of a record player/stereo/tape deck combo that I salvaged.

Julian [center] and Cara [left] pose with Fiendish Device 2.0 [right].
They become bored with pretending to do science and start discussing their plans for constructing Device 2.0.
Julian gives the photographer the side eye. She doesn’t need to press the “Fuck off!” button on her tablet to make it clear that she has much more important things to do than to sit around looking all fake sciencey an’ shit. There’s real work to be done!

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