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Body upgrade and clothing frustration for the Master

Body upgrade and clothing frustration for the Master published on No Comments on Body upgrade and clothing frustration for the Master

So I got my first Hot Toys body today for the Master. Aside from some squeakily tight joints, it far surpasses all other male action figure bodies that I have ever encountered. It can even do a decent fetal position!

I also got my second “Chinese suit,” as the first one’s plastic snaps broke off. I replaced the snaps on the first with some metal snaps, only to discover that the snap position interfered with all that cool HT neck range of motion. Ugh. Fine. I guess he’ll be wearing something less restrictive. Hey, at least the pants are nice.

Now on his new and improved body, the Master is wearing the same pants and shoes as before, but I swapped out the “Chinese suit” jacket for a shirt that I commissioned from @dollsahoy about 16 or so years ago. I requested a sort of poet’s blouse with a black flaming vest so that I could make a doll of me in my Modern Wizard form, which looked like this [see center]:

Anyway, apparently this shirt also fits HT male figs! Huzzah! Here’s the Master discussing his clothes with the Stylist:

“So…what are you calling that look?”
“This is the ‘Everything else is in the wash, and I lost my favorite pair of gloves’ look.”
“I think it needs a pointy hat and a cape.” / “Indeed. Would you believe that I misplaced those too?”

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