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The Master and the Stylist in “Handcuffs vs. Hoodies”

The Master and the Stylist in “Handcuffs vs. Hoodies” published on No Comments on The Master and the Stylist in “Handcuffs vs. Hoodies”

So @halorvic drew one of their super cool cartoons of the Third Doctor swapping clothes with Ten, as well as Delgado Master swapping with Simm Master. @natalunasans and I were recently cracking up over Delgado Master’s “NO.” Recently I discovered why he’s objecting so hard. See photostory. Handcuffs are standing in for a 1:6 scale straitjacket and collar, which I [surprisingly] do not have.

Now reading Questionable Biology.
Stylist: “Hah! Having a little trouble turning the pages, huh? Maybe you should stop stealing my sonic hair dryer then!”
Stylist: “It’s been like five hours.” / Master: “Mm-hm.”
Stylist: “You sure you don’t want me to get the keys?” / Master: “Mmmm.”
Stylist: “You could just break ’em, you know!” / Master: “Mm-hm.”
Stylist: “So why don’t you?!”
Master: “Because, my dear, then I’d be deprived of the wonderful opportunity of watching you squirm!”
Later that day… / Stylist: “Comfy, right?” / Master: “I FEEL UNCLEAN.”

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