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Body language!

Body language! published on No Comments on Body language!

Articulation and I have a vexed relationship in 1:6 scale. I have long been interested in body mods at the expense of articulation, which leaves me with an awesome diversity of body types, but with compromised articulation. With my Shalkaverse people, though, I decided to maximize likenesses and articulation. Thus, while I can’t have the dolls do everything that the characters do in my head, I can get ’em pretty damn close, as shown below.

I’m still impressed by the effectiveness of the advanced articulation here in transmitting the emotions. The illusion of eye contact also helps. I guess it was a really good idea to paint all the eyes looking slightly up…

NB: Yes, she trusts him. No, they’re not in a romantic relationship with each other. Gag me. No, there’s no mind-fucking involved either.

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