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Shalka Dorks read pulp fiction

Shalka Dorks read pulp fiction published on No Comments on Shalka Dorks read pulp fiction

The Internet Archive has a beautiful trove of pulp magazines ranging from the late 1800s through the 1990s, all free, all scanned in high-quality color, available for you to read or to admire the pretty pictures.

Being a sci-fi and fantasy fan, as well as a connoisseur of the Technicolor cover art of 20th century pulps of that genre, I picked out some of most iconic and amusing covers for my own use. I modified the covers to add silly titles and author names. Then I reduced covers and backs to a size at which people could still admire the covers, but at which my 1:6 scale populations could also read them.

Here are my Shalka Dorks getting meta-fictional: sci-fi characters reading Atomic Age pulps!

Left to right: Brad, Alison, the Master, Scintilla, the Doctor, the Stylist.
Brad reads “Femmes from the Future.”
Alison reads “Seriously? My Wife Is a Better Mechanic Than You.”
TFW you’re reading “The Robot With No Concept of Personal Space” while actually experiencing the same. The Master [incidentally a robot].
Scintilla reads “The Doll Who Hypnotized Her Owner Into Buying More Action Figures.”
The Doctor is reading “Captain Hot Pants, Space Pirate!”
The Stylist is reading “How Ghelji Scammed a Dope out of His Coat.”
Robot action figure is reading “The Jello Time Capsule.”

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