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MW’s biggest prop — and introducing Robo Ten!

MW’s biggest prop — and introducing Robo Ten! published on No Comments on MW’s biggest prop — and introducing Robo Ten!

I got a TARDIS in the mail from @natalunasans recently! Also a smiling Ten head! Here’s my largest prop and my interpretation of the Tenth Doctor.

Robo Ten is my fanfic universe’s version of the Tenth Doctor, a robotic replica created by Harry [Simm Master]. Robo Ten is a slightly enhanced BCS smiling Ten head on a BCS body with Triad Alpha hands and Hot Toys shoefeet. Sweatshirt is from, and jeggings were commandeered from a Mattel articulated Curvy.

Since Robo Ten is even messier than regular Ten, I took off their bangs, dunked in hot water, reshaped, then froze for a while. Antennae are wired that I coiled around a bamboo skewer, then hot glued behind the ears, adding beads to the top. Yes, I added eyeliner and lipstick to my version of Robo Ten. I love this headsculpt. The expression is playful, geeky, and slightly sheepish.

As for the TARDIS, this thing is so frickin’ cool [besides being frickin’ heavy and frickin’ large]. I’m pretty sure it’s the BCS Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS. It has a little phone, an openable door to go in, a little door to reach in and get the phone, and battery-operated lights. I particularly like the herringbone pattern of the flagstones inside. Anyway, you’ll be seeing more of it just because it’s really cool. I hope to do some on-location shoots….

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