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Mego 13-inchers from @dollsahoy!

Mego 13-inchers from @dollsahoy! published on No Comments on Mego 13-inchers from @dollsahoy!

@dollsahoy sent me a 13″ Mego Cher and a 13″ Bionic Woman recently. Here they are with a standard fashion doll for comparison. Next to your average 11.5″ Barbie or equivalent, the Megos are Amazonian! I seriously contemplated hacking the Bionic Woman down to standard size, but I couldn’t bear to mangle her unusual and fully articulated cyborg body. But it’s okay. She can be like a 7-foot robot. As for Cher, I think I’ll keep the head, torso, and hands, but replace arms and legs to get her down to an acceptable 1:6 scale height.

Here they are as they came:

L to R: Cher, Bionic Woman, some fashion doll.

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