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MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part two

MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part two published on No Comments on MW’s Shit-B-Gone, part two

Time to get rid of more shit. PM me if interested.


A. Asmus Toys.

B. Takara Cy Girl with broken left ankle cup.


C. I can’t tell if the stuff on the neck is staining or intentional coloring.

D. Playtoy Steam Girl with stains on legs.


E. Some other damn squidgy body.


F. Jesus Christ, I hate these things. The thigh joints are weird on this one, FYI.

G. Dragon Model body with broken left hand.

H. Curvy MTM Dancer head on Hawaiian Fun Kira body.

I. Mattel Fashionista Broad Ken.

J. Mattel Avastars body.

K. Jointed knees.


L. Medicom Misa Amane.

M. Obitsu black-haired.

N. Phicen Military Fun.

O. Poptoy British Detective/Benedict Cumberbatch.

P. Kristen Stewart.

Q. Some guy.

R, S, T. Little buggers.

Open to offers. Please cover postage.

Will trade for the following:
Spin Master Liv bodies
Mattel Made to Mode bodies
HT or similar wrist pegs for female action figures
HT or similar hands for female action figures
lightweight stretchy knit fabric
your old T-shirts, especially if in bright obnoxious colors

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