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Making Harry

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I bought a Dragon Mike Walker with the goal of making him look like my interpretation of John Simm’s Master as he appears in Season 10 of Doctor Who.

Here’s the Master from his most recent TV appearance:

My version of this guy, called Harry to differentiate him from the Master [Shalka Master], ain’t exactly the same as the TV version. In my interpretation, Harry’s botched resurrection about a decade ago left him with reduced stamina, reduced range of psychic powers, and constant, chronic pain. He has his good days and bad days. On good days, he can get in and out of his chair, walk a little bit, and talk. On bad days, he uses a tablet to communicate, cannot adjust himself in his chair, and sometimes cannot get out of bed for the pain. As a result, he looks older, tireder, and less perky than the TV version. In other words, he’s more like John Simm as he appears in Trauma:

Dragon headsculpt in default form is below. I chose that headsculpt because, as @natalunasans put it, it looks like it has “Seen Some Shit.” It had that looser, slacker look that I associate with Harry. However, it needed some mods. In its default state, the headsculpt was long and angular, with a strong chin, low jaw, and pouty downturn to the mouth. However, John Simm has much of a round head, a more delicate and narrower chin, and a smaller, straighter mouth.

For my first round of changes, I aggressively sanded the underside of the chin and jaw [lowest two arrows in picture below], as well as the jaw corners. I also sanded down the eyebrows. I filled in the temples [highest two areas in picture below]. I also filled in the righthand corner of the mouth. Then I painted the thing all one color so I could get an idea of the results without being distracted by the paint.

I took a photo into Photoshop Elements to mark up where he needed work. Some of the scribbles mark where I’ll be painting, like the eyebrows, eyeliner, irises, and eye bags. I drew in the shape of his cranium so that I’d have a better idea of his head shape without that hairdo. And some of the marks indicate areas to reshape. The scribble on the columella indicates that I need to remove some plastic there so that it points upward slightly. The lines around the mouth remind me that I really need to fill in the lefthand downturn. And the slashes along either side of the jaw indicate where reshaping needs to occur.

For the next round [below], I used an Xacto to reduce the bulk on the sides of the jaws and the chin. I also removed his right ear, as he’s missing it from revolutionary action in Dystopiaville. I also drew on the head with pencil to get an idea of what he might look like with facial hair.

For the next round [below], I removed mole near top of left nostril, filled in the left downturn on his mouth [top righthand arrow], and evened out the chin and jaw area with sandpaper [lower righthand arrow]. I also cleaned up the area of his missing ear. And I tried a faceup with brown colored pencil.


Side view shows details of the work I did around his missing ear. I had cut it pretty roughly, so I filled in the deepest gouges and did some sanding [lefthand arrow]. I also reshaped his nose, best seen in profile. I narrowed the nose wings and reshaped the columella to be smaller and more upward in its slant [righthand arrow].

Painted and ready for faceup below.

Hah hah. False alarm. I decided after looking at that picture that the jaw was still too heavy and the face was too long. I sanded A LOT out of the underside of the chin and sides of jaw to come up with the shape below:

At the very least, my next round needs to shape the inner ends of his eyebrows so that they are straight and less downwardly curved. I also need to add build to the top half of the knob on his chin.

Sanded and rotary-tooled the neck down so it didn’t look so round and lumpy. Built up the top of the knob on his chin.

I need to grind down the bit of hair demarcated by the black line below. Then I can get to sculpting his actual hair.

Ground down original sculpted hair, removed down-pointing inner eyebrows, added first layer of modeling compound for spiky hair.

Added some more modeling compound, let dry, began to paint hair.

Neatened up hair and edges of skin, added more layers of paint, sculpted what remains of right ear, filled in some divots on face with smoothed modeling compound.

Mocked up a faceup in Photoshop Elements.


Started painting. Gold eyeshadow, Harry? Really?!


Applied goatee. What a little shit! >:}

Goatee refinement and texturing.

Done. Bulked up and repainted hair. Made goatee narrower and more textured. Repainted pretty much everything except the eyebrows. Skin is 1:1 ratio of Craft Smart Coral and DecoArt Americana Warm Beige. I also shortened the legs on this body maybe 1 to 1.25 cm and fused the ankles. They flex up and down, but lost rotation.

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