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Day 1 with natalunasans — new duds for small populations

Day 1 with natalunasans — new duds for small populations published on No Comments on Day 1 with natalunasans — new duds for small populations

I’m currently visiting natalunasans in South Carolina for about 6 days for almost an entire week of doll-related fun. Yesterday my dolls got some new duds. I also got some new dolls. I swear that they multiply when I’m not looking… >_>

Gifts from natalunasans awaiting me included two clearanced Fresh Dolls, a purple shirt for the Master, as well as a red scarf for Harry. There was also some BJD stuff, like the ALIEN INSIDE shirt and the kitty face Mary Janes.
I got her for ~$30.00 about a year ago. Now she’s clearanced to $6.48.
$2.74 for an adorable articulated doll of color? YES PLEASE.
We went to Target again yesterday. Harry’s red leggings clashed with everything he wanted to wear, so I purchased the Mattel Ken outfit at left for the neutral grey sweatpants. The MGA MC2 doll was purchased for the cat print shirt, which natalunasans told me could fit on the Mattel WWE Superstars dolls.
Shoes from natalunasans’ hoard to add to my 1:6 scale shoe store. I like the Shoezie slides and the real leather, pointy-toed shoes the best!
Harry, borrowing natalunasans’ Mattel Barbie wheelchair for the duration, has stolen the purple shirt intended for the Master. He also wanted nothing to do with clothing as uncouth as sweatpants, so he stole some gold leggings off one of natalunasans’ Mattel WWE Fashion Superstars. Well, I guess there’s his new default outfit. :p Unfortunately his feet snapped off and his brown/red FR leather boots came apart, so I need to length his calves and stick my Hot Toys motorcycle bootfeet on them when I get home.
Yay, Farrier has a new body. Ever since Ten got Farrier’s BCS body, Farrier has been languishing in pieces on my shelf. However, natalunasans gave him a BCS knockoff that is actually a better skintone match than the real BCS body he used to be on.
This WWE Superstar Bella sister from natalunasans is going to be modded and respainted to be my version of Missy. And yes, look at that — the cat shirt fits her.
The first package I got from natalunasans almost two years ago came with a 12″ Character Options Clockwork Droid. Its mechanical head was exposed, and it lacked the mask covering it. Well, now it has the mask. I like how the mask has cracks molded into the plastic.

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