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New 1:6 scale spaces in my bedroom

New 1:6 scale spaces in my bedroom published on No Comments on New 1:6 scale spaces in my bedroom

I’ve been moving my furniture around the apartment. I used to have my compooper out in the main room, but I moved it into my bedroom onto the desk that I had been using for dolls and photos. Now my former doll desk is my compooper desk. The table that once held compooper now holds creative projects. I also ejected a large brown bookcase that stood on the bedroom floor in favor of shelves in the deep windowsill. And there are some new 1:6 scale sets for my dolls to enjoy!

New compooper desk appears at left, with corner of new project desk at right. New sets can be seen in the windowsill shelves behind the desks.
There were a thrift store and a reading room on the old brown bookcase. Those carry over to the new shelves, but with renovations and additions.
In the main section of the thrift store, from L to R, are Farrier, Missy, Marabou, Sekiguchi Momoko head repainted by John on Spin Master Liv body, and Jakks Pacific Juku Couture head on MGA Bratz and Mattel Barbie hybrid body.

Since not everyone fits into the main room of the thrift store, there’s an anteroom, populated by [L to R] “the gay Barbie” [Mattel Fashionista 90 Rainbow Bright], Fresh Dolls Lynette [in red], Megan, Moriendi [mannequin], and Sappho the Lesbionic Love Bot.

People in the reading room are [L to R] Beck [with brown hair], Steve [with blond hair], Mattel Modern Circle Melody on Mattel Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse body, Isabel, Novella, Theophany.
Up above there’s a picnic party on the roof deck with [L to R] Mattel WWE Superstars Naomi, Ziggy, Fresh Dolls Indigo, Mattel Barbie Mermaidia head repainted by Andrea on Takara Cy Girls body, and Mattel WWE Superstars Becky Lynch.

In the cemetery, Carnelian the catwitch practices her feline magic with the help of some kitty companions.

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