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1:9 scale news: the Doctor and Missy

1:9 scale news: the Doctor and Missy published on No Comments on 1:9 scale news: the Doctor and Missy

Pictures of the latest adventures in 1:9 scale — i.e., hybrids with 3″ Titan vinyl heads and action figure bodies — below.

I hit Wal-Mart for two of the latest Mattel 2018 Harry Potter kid dolls to use for 1:9 scale adults such as the Doctor, the Master, and Three. 1:9 scale Bill came along for reference.

These HP dolls are a toss-up. On one hand, they’ve got decently articulated bodies with recognizable headsculpts of the iconic characters. On the other hand, their outfits demonstrate the cheapness endemic to so much Mattel clothing these days; the shirt/sweater/tie combo is a single layer of clothing with tie and sweater printed on the shirt. Also the pants are undetailed, and there are no socks. Also the hands are too small.
The two dolls’ crotches are side by side, demonstrating that the extra height on the Mattel HP doll comes mostly from the legs.
Head looks good, despite an obvious color mismatch.
I could cut down the legs a bit, and the Doctor would still be taller than Bill.

In other 1:9 scale news, Missy’s ToyBiz Famous Covers body came in the mail today.

Though Missy’s head is larger than Bill’s, she’ll still work on this body, once I bulk out the neck a bit. Like Bill, Missy will also need an armpit carve-out, deeper forearm notches for greater elbow flexion, and Ye Olde Crotche Reductione. She also needs the excess neck carved away from the headsculpt.
There’s a wonderfully caricatured likeness of Michelle Gomez, but obscured by 1) truly meh paint apps and 2) a wretched choice of hairstyle. Why did Titan decide to give her two weird bulges to either side? Why???

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