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Making Jo

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My extended Dork fam of Doctor Who characters grows rapidly these days. I recently started a doll of Jo Grant, companion to Three and underrecognized badass.

Fortunately for me, Katy Manning has, like Roger Delgado, a wonderfully distinctive and easily caricaturable set of features: BIG wide eyes with long low lids, broad rounded face with low prominent cheekbones, wide thin mouth, and a SMIRK to die for.

Rummaging through my box of heads to see if I had anything that could work, I found the head for Playtoy Emily Steam/Steam Girl. Though it’s a little narrow around the jaw, the nose, the cheekbones, the baggy eyes, and the smirk looked workable.

I originally thought I could paint her a peachy tone and start a faceup from there. However, the more that I looked at the features, the more that the large, plush lips bothered me. Jo has a long philtrum and a relatively small narrow lower lip that is tallest in the center. I mocked up how I might want to paint her distinctive BIG eyes and also marked offensive areas to remodel.

I realized that I needed to remodel the lips, so I removed all that peachy paint from the previous picture. I took a nail file to the upper edge of her upper lip and the lower center edge of her lower lip [as shown by arrows below]. I had to scrape the whole upper lip area so that it was even. The obvious difference in color between sanded and unsanded areas will be evened out when I paint all that nauseating greyish greenish brownish skin with a slightly more alive-looking peach.

I added some bulk to the back and sides of her jawline.

I also started modding the Spin Master Liv body. I removed the original hands and added Hot Toys ones, painted to match. I bulked up the original neck and painted to match. I removed some plastic around the elbow joints to increase range of motion.

Better view of the mods to the ends of the upper arms to increase elbow flexion [indicated by lefthand arrow]. Filled in divot in lower right arm that I made in early attempt to increase flexion [righthand arrow]. Better color match between original plastic, hands, and Aves Apoxie Sculpt add-ons achieved with a combination of FolkArt Prairie Sunset acrylic + FolkArt Honeycomb acrylic in a 1.5:1 ratio.

Bulked out lower jawline and sides of chin.

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