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Glam photoshoot for 1:9 scale Missy [who’s done!] and Bill!

Glam photoshoot for 1:9 scale Missy [who’s done!] and Bill! published on No Comments on Glam photoshoot for 1:9 scale Missy [who’s done!] and Bill!

I got a Barbie skirt in the mail recently for Missy, shortened it an inch, and it fit perfectly. I made a raggedy bow out of some gauzy purplish stretch net, and I was done. Then she posed against a selection of Halloween/Gothic art papers I got from Michaels recently.

I just finished 1:9 scale versions of Bill and Missy today. Both of them are hybrids, combining heads from the 3″ Titan mini figures with bodies from ToyBiz’s Famous Covers series of Marvel action figures. They’re 9″ high.

For Bill, I painted her body to match her head, filled in her irises, dry-brushed her hair to show up the detail, glossed lips and eyes, ground the neck off the head, and modded the crotch and tops of forearms for greater flexion. She wears a dress from a Mattel Skipper Babysitters Inc. doll, a bolero from a Fresh Dolls Mia, leggings from a Mattel Made to Move Fashionista Barbie, a Rement sunflower, and bracelets made from a bubble tea straw.

For Missy, I removed her original hair and replaced it with a combination of a hand-sculpted scalp [with Aves Apoxie Sculpt] and a ponytail of Mattel Barbie hair, which I curled with a boil perm. I swapped out the default ToyBiz Famous Covers hands for those from a 10″ Disney Elite Princess Leia figure. I filled in her irises, repainted eyebrows, gave a very light brown wash to the nasolabial creases, and repainted eyebrows. I also carved out top of forearms and inner sides of crotch to increase poseability. Missy wears a shirt from an unknown female action figure, a Mattel Barbie skirt [shortened by 1″], leggings from a Mattel Made to Move Fashionista Barbie [not shown], and a cravat that I made. Her umbrella is a large cocktail umbrella painted black with acrylic paints and sealed.

Coming eventually in the 1:9 scale world: Alison Cheney [Scream of the Shalka], Shalka Doctor, Delgado Master [=Shalka Master in my mind], and the Third Doctor!





Bill: “Your wallpaper kinda creeps me out.”
Bill: “How can you stand it?”
Missy: “Oh hello, dear. How can you stand all those wretched…colors? They’re so…cheerful.”
Bill: “Look badass for the camera!” // Missy: “So…my everyday look then?”
Missy: “Behold — I am the Master of Disguise!” // Bill: “Also a huge nerd.”

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