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Fattening the Little Witch

Fattening the Little Witch published on No Comments on Fattening the Little Witch

I moved the Little Witch’s head to a more articulated body of better weight, but I needed to do one final thing before she was complete. I needed to bulk up her torso to make her little fats.

I began by wrapping felt around the open area of her torso. I hot glued the beginning of the strip to her armature, then pulled it snugly as I wrapped.
I continued to bulk her up in the same manner, testing her articulation as I did so. I also filled in her chest area and created a longer, larger piece, like the front of a tank top, to cover her entire front and smooth the transition from the felt fats to the rigid bust piece.
There’s nothing more I hate than dolls’ pants sliding down when they bend. So, because the Little Witch will never be taking these clothes off, I stitched both her leggings and her skirt to her fats in both front and back.
The Little Witch temporarily cosplaying Pippi while showing off her magical shirt, enhanced with an adhesive patch.
Plz note small potbelly. 😀

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