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Updates on 1:9 scale Doctor Who dolls

Updates on 1:9 scale Doctor Who dolls published on No Comments on Updates on 1:9 scale Doctor Who dolls

I worked today on my 1:9 scale Doctor Who gang…

Left: Currently the [Shalka] Doctor is designated for a 1:6 scale Willy Wonka action figure body, manufacturer unknown, from @natalunasans. Center: The Third Doctor is currently on an unmodded Mattel Harry Potter kid body. Right: A modded Mattel Harry Potter kid body is waiting for the Master. So far I have removed height from the thighs and calves and added hip swivels. I still need to stabilize hip swivels, carve out thigh sockets, add feet with jointed ankles, replace arms with double-jointed ones, and add torso joints.

Shoulders of all dolls are aligned, showing how much needs to be removed from the lefthand body to scale it down to the other 1:9 scale bodies.

This evening I worked on the Doctor and Alison, who’s at center with 3D printed head [!!!]. I popped off Alison’s original heeled shoefeet and gave them to the Doctor. Then I gave her some articulated ankles made from Takara Cy Girl wrist pegs and sank them into some hot pink boots from an unknown fashion doll. I ripped off her original arms to eventually replace them with double-jointed ones.

As for the Doctor, first I fixed their left elbow. The original pegs were coming out, so I removed them, drilled the peg holes slightly larger, then used plastic sprues from Obitsu pieces as substitute pegs. The repaired joint has the same range of motion as the original. The sprues even match the rest of the body!

I shortened their arms at the wrists and their legs at the ankles. For better proportions, I probably should have shortened the thighs as well, but those limbs are solid plastic; I didn’t want to cut through them. I gave the Doctor some half-gloved hands because I had a bunch lying around.

Relative heights are about accurate. The Doctor is ridiculously tall and lanky in my imagination. Alison is like 2 meters high, and Bill is shorter than she is.

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