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Progress on the Goblin Market

Progress on the Goblin Market published on No Comments on Progress on the Goblin Market

I have decided that my produce section is part of a local market called the Goblin Market. Its eldritch name derives from the off-world foods it sells. The addition of fictional foods makes the Goblin Market a much more interesting set, as well as a perfect place for my DW dolls to hang out. Recent additions below.

Missy inspects cabbage erasers that I got yesterday.

Today I got a 1:12 scale display fridge to the left of Bill and some display shelves in the same scale [not shown]. I took out two of the shelves to accommodate some 1:6 scale drinks.

Extraterrestrial foods adding color, texture, and weirdness to the Goblin Market’s offerings. On @natalunasans’ advice, I am calling the pompoms edible marimos [fresh from the Southern Seas of Aquaterre]. The striped things are umifrons. And the things in jars are bulk flavor crystals imported from Coraflora.

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