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Redman Toys Last of Girl proposed body mods

Redman Toys Last of Girl proposed body mods published on No Comments on Redman Toys Last of Girl proposed body mods

I have a cute kid doll on order, Redman Toys’ Last of Girl. Apparently she’s based on a 14-year-old character, Ellie, from a video game The Last of Us. I got her for $136.00 shipped, which is an amazing price for a complete figure that comes with two scalps [molded hair or fiber hair options], 8 optional hands, jeans, shoefeet, black long-sleeve shirt, red T-shirt, green jacket, backpack, gun, and knife. I got her for the headsculpt, which reminds me of a young Ellen Page.

Too bad the default body was sculpted by someone who has clearly never seen a kid. Yellow line indicates where waist should fall. Red line indicates where fingertips should hang.
Torso was shortened in this picture. Green line indicates where base of neck should come out of shoulders.
Both neck and torso have been reduced in this picture. I’m going to pop the neck off, cut down the base, then remake the peg hole with the help of my Dremel and heat mold plastic. I may also try to lengthen the legs.

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