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Fancy Pippi updates

Fancy Pippi updates published on No Comments on Fancy Pippi updates

Besides the Swedish Pippi head that I showed yesterday, I also have a Mattel Scooter. I have long wanted to make her a Pippi, since her red hair and mischievous expression are perfect. Anyway, at first I thought that the 2007 Mattel Mad Hatter body was too small for the Swedish Pippi head, so I moved it up to a Noix de Rome Ninie body. I added some ball-jointed pegs to Pure Neemo jazz hands and used those. I also added upper arm swivels, since the Noix de Rome body lacks them for some reason. The Hatter clothing still fit on this body, but with an appealingly too-small look.


Because the Swedish Pippi head did not match the Ninie body [the head was too red], I tried the Scooter head. The skintone matches much better, and she’s adorable. I will use Scooter for Fancy Pippi. Swedish Pippi will use Scooter’s original body, which is a better color match. I need to either give Fancy Pippi feet or glue her shoes on. I also need to do her hair. But she’s very close to done!!

Two very different sculpts nevertheless capture the essence of the character!
Help! This kid is adorable!
Swedish Pippi’s gonna need a neck extension and some better articulated arms. Those don’t even match. Torso and legs are okay, though.

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