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Spymaster 2.0 in progress

Spymaster 2.0 in progress published on No Comments on Spymaster 2.0 in progress

The first Spymaster that I was working on did not work out. I decided that the faceup looked too hostile and broody, while my interpretation of the character is much more open and friendlier. Furthermore, the sculpted beard looked like shit. I ditched that head and started over.


For this version, I decided to stick with the existing paint as much as possible. I did add the distinctive eye bags, however, as well as his amazzzzzzzing eyebrows. I textured the beard with paint.
Mocking up hair. Yeah, the appropriate hairstyle will complete the doll. It’s not going to be a likeness the way that my doll of the Master is, but it will FEEL like the Spymaster, and that’s what counts.
Hair sculpted this weekend. Just need to add some fwoopy bangs and paint.
The Spymaster will go along well with my Thirteenth Doctor since they’re both the same level of stylization and cartooniness.

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