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The Spymasssssssster [oooooh]! I finally finished him!

The Spymasssssssster [oooooh]! I finally finished him! published on No Comments on The Spymasssssssster [oooooh]! I finally finished him!

A project that I have been working on since at least February is finally complete! During this challenge, I vastly improved my skills in making likenesses, as well as painting. Hooray for me. Now I’m just glad it’s over.

Progress shots:



Straight from Beetleboo, who printed them with her resin printer.
I started by filling out the lower middle sides of the jaw and sculpting the head hair. The facial hair was a challenge. At first I just carved it. I ended up putting a very thin layer of Aves Apoxie over the bearded areas and then carving into that. That worked best.
I got some very nice 0, 10, and 15 brushes for this paint job, and they make such a difference in my precision.

And with his primary partner, the Thirteenth Doctor:

The Spymaster: “I’m a genius! You can tell by my brainfingers.” Thirteen: “Sure ya are.”
The Spymaster: “I am bestest!” Thirteen: “Tee hee!”

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