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Updated kidsies: Little Dorks, Annie, and Clara

Updated kidsies: Little Dorks, Annie, and Clara published on No Comments on Updated kidsies: Little Dorks, Annie, and Clara

In other recent news, I have improved some of my cutest dolls, known collectively as kidsies.

Little Alison has upgraded to a Mattel Creatable World bust, Obitsu double-ganged elbows, Azone Pure Neemo hands on Hot Toys pegs, and lower half [waist, legs, feet] from an Obitsu 24, painted to match. [That makes her a patchwork of five dolls.] Little Bill has double-ganged elbows as well, but I have yet to give her an Obitsu lower half and some more expressive Pure Neemo hands. The Little Witch got new hands from Hot Toys and new shoefeet from Medicom Bambi. Everyone got new clothes. Lil Alison and Lil Bill got WUVS!!!

I’ve also been working with some Noix de Rome Ninie bodies, which are similar to Obitsus, though much more fragile and lacking in upper limb swivel joints. Here’s Annie at left on a mostly unmodded one and Clara at right on a modded one.

The original Ninie body also has hinged hands and feet, so I replaced the hands on Annie with Obitsu hands that have fully ball-jointed wrists. Clara, more heavily modded, has Azone Pure Neemo hands with full ball joints, Obitsu feet/ankles with full ball joints, and homemade elbow swivel joints.
I used plastic sprue for the joint posts and heatmold plastic to secure the posts in the limbs.
Also Clara’s nose became yellow because I didn’t seal her face before repainting it. D: I canceled it out by blushing her nose and cheeks with some pink watercolor pencil. This is the “before” picture.


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