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Recent projects: Device update, vending machine, Little Dorks camping, Gay Coat Barbie

Recent projects: Device update, vending machine, Little Dorks camping, Gay Coat Barbie published on No Comments on Recent projects: Device update, vending machine, Little Dorks camping, Gay Coat Barbie

Pulled from my crappy phone camera.


December 4th, 2020: Embellishing the Vaguely Scientific Device with wires, screens, keypads, stickers, and bows definitely increases its convincingness.
December 7th, 2020: I tried to make a 1:6 scale vending machine. I rendered a front shot of a digital model that I retextured, printed the render on cardstock, gave some depth to the dispenser hole by cutting it out on the top layer, outlining it with permanent marker, then adding the render of the interior of the hole on a layer below. I haven’t used it because it’s nowhere near as good as the actual vending machine I’m waiting for in the mail.
December 8th, 2020: Zuru Mini Brands is putting out some small-scale versions of stuff that I actually like. Here is the Little Disaster posing with the Holy Trinity of condiments. I actually hate French’s mustard, but it was ubiquitous in my childhood, so that’s why it appears. Apparently the Heinz ketchup is much sought after, so it commands relatively high prices on the secondary market.
December 9th, 2020: Dressing the Little Dorks for a camping trip. From left to right, the Little Witch is comfy and doesn’t care what you think. The Explorer is practical, yet somehow glam, as always. The Leader is practical and comfy. The Fixit likes sparkles!
L to R: The Storyteller wears a relatively normal outfit. The Disaster is very cool, at least in his own mind.
December 10th, 2020: Constructing an approximation of a mixed deciduous forest set on my desk. The new addition is the cotton print in impressionistic browns and greens. It’s thin enough for people to stand on without pitching over. It’s also versatile enough to suggest dirt, grass, or humus. I like it!
A VERY professionally crafted tablecloth — an unhemmed piece of cotton print held in place by transparent tape.
I think they’re having a snack after going on a hike. Luggage and supplies in foreground and on left.


I got Mattel Barbie EXTRA #1 primarily because of this coat. [He’s pretending he’s Liberace.] All the Little Dorks want one. I’m not sure if I should get 6.
December 14th, 2020: Gay Coat Barbie [as she is known around these parts] is pretty cute, though I’m not a fan of the yellow/coral makeup combo. Not sure what I’m going to do with her. The open match tin and the plastic grill from an unknown source represent my attempt to create a 1:6 scale portable camping stove.

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