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Ebru, aka the EXTRA GAY BARBIE, gets a makeover

Ebru, aka the EXTRA GAY BARBIE, gets a makeover published on No Comments on Ebru, aka the EXTRA GAY BARBIE, gets a makeover

I finished a significant makeover on Mattel Extra Barbie No. 1, doing a partial repaint and hair restyle, major body mods, and an almost complete outfit change.

Default Extra.


New outfit. Default jacket, dress from Mattel Barbie Fashionista 90, socks and shoes from MGA Rainbow High Sunny Madison.
Since Ebru will always wear her rainbow jacket, my double-jointed arm mod does not match at all. Biceps from Obitsu 23cm, elbow joints from Obitsu 11cm [pegs too short D: ], Hot Toys wrist pegs, Youngrich hands, Triad ankle cups, unknown action figure fem feet.
Faceup progress. Decided to embolden the existing gold in her faceup and add some to lips and eyes.
Trademark eyebags!! I found a brown that was just slightly darker than her skin, so I painting flat black lines beneath her eyes, then painted over them with brown, effectively forming shadows.
With her coat bulking out her body and her shoes covering her feet, her proportions look more realistic and unremarkable. She can also stand by herself!

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