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Recent doll stuff: Vehicles

Recent doll stuff: Vehicles published on 1 Comment on Recent doll stuff: Vehicles

Some small-scale vehicles have recently jointed the local fleet, and I haven’t really done much with them in terms of playing with them. Photos below.

First acquisition was Nata’s long-coveted 1955 Vespa + sidecar in 1:6 scale. I’ve been wanting this since I played with it a few years ago. Look! It fits 6 Dorklets and a teddy bear! They’re not actually driving. They’re just pretending.

Ebru gasses up the Vespa with the help of a 1:8 scale metal bank. I can’t believe that the gas pump originally sold at H*bby L*bby for $30. The paint job, which is supposed to be “distressed,” looks like someone sneezed on it. It’s worth about $15.00, if that. It works fine as a prop if you don’t examine it too closely, which I don’t plan to.
Second acquisition was an 1:8 scale pedal car bank, with working steering wheel, pedals, headlights, and openable hood. The Dorklets were gonna hack it into a car to carry camping gear, but the Cactus Kid took ownership immediately. A beautiful solid piece, but currently has no place in my doll plans.

Next was a 1:10 scale 10-speed bike from Nata. Another solid, full-metal piece, with functioning brakes, wheels, chains, and kickstand, this is sadly too small for my Dorklets.
Also from Nata is a 1:8 scale model of the 1886 Benz Motorwagen, the first gas-powered production line car. It’s the perfect size for Dorklets, as Amish and Silence demonstrate. Three wheels, a steering tiller, and an open engine add to its steampunk appeal.
I remember playing with plastic boats similar to this when I was a kid. I decided to get a few for the Dorklets. Now to find some puddles…

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