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Head coming eventually!

Head coming eventually! published on No Comments on Head coming eventually!

I just wanted to share my news with people. Therese is getting an Elf Lishe. That’s a Cerebrus Project Delf doll, limited to an edition of 68. She has all the coolness of Lishe, as seen here, but with big pointy ears! Therese keeps the sleeping head, which we think has fangs, and I get the waking head [no fangs, blah].

So I have an unpainted resin BJD head coming my way…uh, eventually. It doesn’t have a body. I have lots of plans for it as a piece of resin to refine, but not a clue as to how it fits into the story…

Anyway, it’s exciting to think that there’s a head in the mail to sand, paint, varnish, put make-up on, take make-up off…etc…

Woo hoo!

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