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New capsule review of Labyrinth

New capsule review of Labyrinth published on No Comments on New capsule review of Labyrinth

I pulled this review of Labyrinth from The Rough Guide to Kids’ Movies (Dorling Kindersley, 2004) by Paul Simpson: “Jim Henson was so fed up with the comparative financial failure of Dark Crystal that he decided to make a film combining puppets with real actors. ‘Nasty and funny puppets work well,’ he decided, ‘but straightforward heros and heroines don’t.’ So, in this film, Sarah is given thirteen hours by Jareth (David Bowie), king of the goblins, to negotiate a giant labyrinth and win back her grizzling brother. Kids will be amused by the goblins, the clumsy dwarf and by the sugar plum fairies — grown-ups, as the Radio Times noted, might get more fun out of David Bowie’s Tina Turner wig. Ten minutes too long, and with a narrative that doesn’t quite match the special effects, this isn’t quite the tour de force it could have been. Maybe they should have kept a few more ideas from Terry Jones’s original script.” I agree!

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