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Paperweight eyes = lack of catchlights.

Paperweight eyes = lack of catchlights. published on No Comments on Paperweight eyes = lack of catchlights.

I used to think that I took poor photographs because I could never get Zephque’s or Sardonix’ eyes to catch light. Then I learned about doll eyeballs just now and discovered that it was the fault of their eye shapes, not me.

CH’s glass eyes, like those that Zephque came with, are completely spherical [except for the stems], which means that the domes are hemispherical. Thus, the pupils and irises are pushed very far under the eyelid, into greater shadow. No wonder his eyes were such light sinks.

Sardonix’ eyes are light sinks too because they are paperweight, meaning that the lens does not form a continuous curve up from the eyeball. Rather it sticks out at a more abrupt angle, like a tumor [blech], preventing her eyes from getting flat up against the sockets and therefore free to catch light. Paperweight eyes would probably work in a doll with wide eyes and sockets big enough for the “tumor” part of the lens to stick out of the socket [blech], but they don’t work for Sardonix’ lowered lids.

Given my love for low-lidded dolls, I’m now going exclusively for shallow, flat, non-paperweight eyes. No more “tumor” lens. Seriously…I find their very shape revolting.

Low-profile, non-tumorous brands of eyes include Kanisaugen, Hand low-profile and flat, Volks metallic and Jpopdolls.

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