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Coming in 2006!

Coming in 2006! published on No Comments on Coming in 2006!

I haven’t been doing much with the Realm in the past six months, but I have lots of cool stuff in the pipeline.

1. Wads o’ fan art. I’ve gotten permission from some stellar artists on DeviantArt to bring their Laby fanart into my gallery. I just have to get it up there. As you know, I am very picky about what goes in the fan art gallery, so look for the best and only the best.

2. Comics by Anna. Yeah, she’s, like, 15 years younger than me, but her Laby manga is a scream. [The talent of the younger generation moves me to tears.] She took about a year to actually send it to me, so I’m taking about a year to actually get it up on the Web. HAH!

3. Foreign mag clips courtesy of Solea. Rare photos from around the globe. Articles translated by me and Babelfish where possible.

4. Essay about Labyrinth’s influence on Mirror Mask.

5. Essay on the theme of dolls in both Labyrinth and Mirror Mask.

6. Possible blather on…Sarah’s family history based on the the photos in her bedroom, Jareth’s complete lack of social skills, the sequel, the Labyrinth 20th anniversary [2006, baby!], Laby merchandise, Jareth’s relation to Sarah’s mom’s boyfriend, etc.

7. My Jareth doll.

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