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Anneka Elizabeth in 1:3

Anneka Elizabeth in 1:3 published on No Comments on Anneka Elizabeth in 1:3

Pix from DollMore:

I was really hoping for a tall, sexy fem. But noooo…we get an anorexic with a face that’s 10 years too young for her body. And NO BOOBIES! She is clearly not the 1:3 Cy Girl I seek. No matter…I can toss that head, swap on a femmed-up Haund and make — BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! — a 1:3 Anneka. With hooters from the Volks new DD optional parts [the triple F parts].

What am I talking about? Why am I plotting another BJD?

Simple answer: ‘Cause the Jareth doll doubles easily as a Will doll, and the Will doll needs an Anneka doll.

Someone please slap some sense into me. Please!

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