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Dolls with disabilities

Dolls with disabilities published on No Comments on Dolls with disabilities

There’s a running thread on DOA about dolls with disabilities. Since he’s based off me, Jareth has dysthymia and hyperhidrosis. I plan to blush his hands really red because that’s a prime effect of hyperhidrosis, and I might use some glossy varnish to simulate sweat drips on his fingers. I’m also going to make it look like he has bitten nails. Jareth will be the first doll with an anti-manicure.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by extremely overactive sweat glands. Hyperhidrosis is not just about drenching your T-shirt in the summer; it’s about sweating whenever you feel excited or under stress, whenever you’re startled or nervous, whenever something unexpected happens, whenever someone comes into the room.

Hyperhidrosis can occur all over the body, but it’s especially annoying on the hands, feet and underarms. More than annoying — it can be debilitating. I’ve been unable to hold a pencil, mouse or doll without dripping sweat all over it and having it slip out of my fingers. I’ve been unable to hold a paperback book without the cover turning into mush because of my sweat. I’ve been unable to wear clothes without them chafing painfully against my damp skin.

Treatments for hyperhidrosis include oral medical, topical medication, machines that run ionic currents through body parts [Drionic], Botox and minor surgery. Oral and topical meds, as well as the Drionic, never worked for me, and Botox was too expensive. So I finally had an operation last spring to slice nerves in my back so that my body wouldn’t sweat any more from my armpits upwards. Now all the sweat has transferred down to the lower half of my body, but I don’t care because now I can do my art without sweating all over it.

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