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If I had $10,000…

If I had $10,000… published on No Comments on If I had $10,000…

…and I was forced to spend it on BJDs, this is what I would get…

1. A Frank doll. Definitely an Afghan body with XXXL knockers, either an Estella head or a modded Haund head.

2. A Jennifer doll. Uyoo!

3. Nabee. She’s basically a special edition Ryung with paper-white skin, black hair and sleepy eyes. I like the expressiveness of the sleepy eyes, plus the dramatic clash between her dark make-up and her exaggeratedly pale skin. She’s the only doll that I’ve seen recently that I WOULDN’T want to mod extensively.

4. Good lights for photographing.

5. A doll room set including a chair, a desk, a computer, books and a bed, all sized so that Haund wouldn’t look too large for them.

6. Revolting amounts of clothes. Oh wait…I already HAVE that for Jareth. I think I’ve sunk more money into his wardrobe in the past three months than I have into mine in the past two years. Are my priorities screwed on straight? :p

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