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Holy fork, I won a Yukinojo head on YJ!

Holy fork, I won a Yukinojo head on YJ! published on 4 Comments on Holy fork, I won a Yukinojo head on YJ!

I never fathomed impulse BJD purchases, primarily because of the large sums involved. Now, after having successfully bid a disgusting amount for an eyeless SD 16 Yukinojo Sawaragi head on Yahoo Japan, I still don’t fathom them. Nope, sorry…no pictures. I forgot to pull them before the auction ended. If anyone can help me there, I’d be grateful. Exultation and musing over BJD likenesses follows.

I can’t quite believe I am getting the best headsculpt ever for la poupee de Frank [which I told myself I wasn’t getting]. Well, cross your fingers for me and hope that the payment and shipment actually goes through, and that I get this piece of resin which has the most inversely proportionate relationship between size and cost of any toy that I’ve ever purchased.


I’m having much more success in the BJD world than in the 1:6 world when it comes to finding likenesses for my characters. I think it’s a simple matter of volume. With the exponential explosion of BJD popularity, there are probably 100+ companies and perhaps more than 1,000 headsculpts available [all sizes]. Compare the range of BJD options to the range of 1:6 options: 15-20 companies with maybe 25-35 available headsculpts. The sheer numbers of BJD options permit you a much better chance of finding a doll that closely resembles your character of choice.

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll actually have this head by the next doll meet in Burlington [February 11th] so I can actually bring something resin this time! [Lilith, a plastic 1:6er, came to Burlington meet #1, while Brandeis, a plastic mixed-scale, accompanied me to my second doll meet, which was in Uno’s in Harvard Square.]


Woohoo! I’m proud of you for daring to venture into Y!J 😀 I think you will be pleased with the fact that you went for Yukinojo and not some lesser form thereof. (Can’t believe someone even suggested El as a replacement….) Did armeleia show you the pic of Estella on the Hound body??

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