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Jareth comes out: final photos!

Jareth comes out: final photos! published on 6 Comments on Jareth comes out: final photos!

Looky looky — final photos! I’ll just quote my drooling to Armeleia: “I’m very pleased with the way that he turned out. You executed the James Marsters cheekbones perfectly, as well as the David Bowie nose. I think the mouth resembles Bowie’s as well, especially in profile. He also seems to balance between stereotypically masculine and stereotypically feminine pretty well.

“I especially like the rough, blurry nature of the pastels; they make his eyes seem even more shadowed. He looks tired, vulnerable and thoughtful. He looks like a vampire that’s been punched in both eyes. He looks like a skeleton with skin. He looks pale and smirky and bony and, in short, very much like Jareth.”

Pictures below the cut!


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