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Jareth and Frank together at last!

Jareth and Frank together at last! published on 1 Comment on Jareth and Frank together at last!

Rapture, ecstasy, joy and all that. See below the cut for PICTURES!

Fleh. This is how much I want my dolls. I’m spending hours playing virtual paper dolls with Elouai’s CandyBar 3.0 Dollmaker. While not accurate physical descriptions, each little portrait does capture something essential about each character. Jareth has evil inclinations. He prefers coolness. Frank has slutty tendencies and prefers heat.

In my humble opinion, these online dollmakers will not have reached their full potential until hair, clothing and accessory options are not longer segregated according to whether your doll is male or female. Just when I think we might be progressing beyond stupid and largely artificial gender binaries, I try to create an online girl doll that’s standing confidently, rather than like a model with hip displacement…or a boy doll in a dress. Then I realize how far we have to go.

Hard-core butches and lovely femmes, puzzling polymorphs and adaptable androgynes of all sexes: unite against the oppression of either/or dollmakers. Let’s create something that represents OUR bodies and OUR closets! Who’s with me?


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