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Notes to self re customizing Jareth

Notes to self re customizing Jareth published on No Comments on Notes to self re customizing Jareth

Heat first finger[s] of left hand with hair dryer??? Then bend???

For red flush on hands, either dilute reddish acrylic or shave red pastel and apply in cracks. Cover with matte varnish. Okay if it globs or drips, since it’s supposed to be sweat.

For fingernails, sand them down extremely short. Create hollows at tops of nails. Either paint red [he was biting them and drew blood] or darker color for shadow created by any existing nail. English Lace acrylic for cuticles [if any]? Hit nails with glossy varnish.

Buy lots of small-link chains from the hardware store. Attach to corset a la skirt???

Sueding may not necessarily involve disassembly!!

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