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(un)real life is not quite dead.

(un)real life is not quite dead. published on No Comments on (un)real life is not quite dead.

After a hiatus of about two months, (un)real life, my Web drama involving vamps, queers and action figs, returns. My two loyal readers rejoice. Here’s the latest episode.

(un)real life ground to a halt mainly because my grandfather died on November 25, 2005. Ever since my grandmother has started slowly losing her faculties to Alz., I’ve been expecting death, but, frankly, it was hers, not his, that I was mentally preparing for. But he died instead, catalyzing many changes in my life. An old me died when he did; a new one is coming out. I’m still not sure who it is.

I will say, though, that certain (un)real characters and story lines have much more poignancy. I really understand Janet, who brought Velvette back to life. Will’s enduring grief over Muriel’s death, for which he arrived too late to save her, makes sense. Anneka’s relationship with her grandmother Alexandra, once hardy and outspoken, now frail and forgetful, jumps from the background to the foreground [although not for a few months]. And, of course, Anneka’s own dance with death [we all know how that’s gonna end up] becomes psychologically applicable to me.

Interestingly, the adventures that I plan for my characters usually end up happening to me in some psychic, metaphorical, transfigured way. Since I script their adventures in advance [I’m already through season 8 now], I feel like I’m looking into the autobiography of my future.

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