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Slightly refined blushing

Slightly refined blushing published on 5 Comments on Slightly refined blushing

With my eraser, my Colorless Blender [sounds like a kitchen appliance in a boring shade of grey] and Prismacolor Blush [PC928], I reapplied Frank's blush, trying to make it more even, but still highly visible.

I still maintain that he really looks like me!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I blurred the purple shadows around his nose and removed some with the eraser. They were too dark. I may reduce them even more.


I am not entirely sure why you used that specific colour for the nose-area shading etc, but it does draw away from the fact that there is cheek blushing at all. I would have used the cheek blush colour to shade the nose etc, and left the purple only for around the eyes.

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