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I’m blushing!

I’m blushing! published on 4 Comments on I’m blushing!

Thank you to everyone who posted comments here and over at this thread on DOA. With your help, I learned where to add color to Frank’s face, both in terms of shading and blush.

First, here’s my beautiful model, Frank N. Furter as portrayed by Tim Curry in Rocky Horror:

Before we start, a special thank you to the lovely and talented DOA member Magic Toadstool, who summarized my questions about blush with a nice diagram:

Armed with helpful tips, I did eye socket and nasal shading in Prismacolor Violet [PC932] with a light overlay of Rose [PC929]. My new best friend the Prismacolor Colorless Blender [PC1077] softened the shades nicely. After that, I combined Rose with the slightly lighter [and aptly named] Blush [PC928] for the actual blush. I blended with the Colorless Blender and my eraser.

Here’s what he looks like now. Constructive criticism on the purple shadows will be cheerfully ignored, but I solicit opinions on the blush. What do you think?

He shoots well from all angles. I especially like this up-the-nose shot. No, really, I do.

I think I’ve figured out why I like the Yukinojo sculpt so much. It reminds me of my own facial structure and features [mostly around the jawline and cheeks].


it’s a touch uneven (the right side comes down more and is wider, and seems to be darker in general, though maybe that’s just shadow) and i think you need to blend the edges quite a lot. Blush is genrally best applied in a lot of thin, light layers until you get to the intensity you want. The shading around his nose is good and make it look like it’s really there, but blendy-blendy, too.

Maybe i ought to have mentioned the layers-o-blush the other day, but i didn’t think of it. doh. ;p You may need to mix up a couple of shades, too.

To make it look more like the original Frank (which I’m assuming is your intention — I mean, your Frank isn’t a literal copy, it’s a reinterpretation), I’d bring the eye shadowing in a little towards the nose — the good Doctor had very Siouxsie Sioux eyeshadow — it defines the bridge of the nose and makes it more narrow, and has a very strong vertical line to it.

Make sense?

Looking good!

— A :>

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