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Frank’s final eyes and lips

Frank’s final eyes and lips published on 6 Comments on Frank’s final eyes and lips

Lips glossed with satin gloss, eye make-up with matte gloss. Human eyelashes [Manic Panic, Purple Rain Dance] cut down to size and added. I’m really proud of my work. The finished product looks much smirkier and more animated than my mask-like conceptual drawing. I attribute this less to any talent that I may have and more to the high-quality canvas [Volks resin] and tools [Prismacolors] at my disposal. Pic below.


He’s looking good!!

My one suggestion would be to blush a little bit around his nose, nostrils, and philtrum — that looks kind of ‘bare’ in comparison to his colorful features. Humans have a little bit of color in those areas (pinky-violet, usually), so I think that would add to the realism.

Love the lashes!!

— Andi ^-^

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