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Jennifer: sweet and…sexy!

Jennifer: sweet and…sexy! published on No Comments on Jennifer: sweet and…sexy!

Jennifer has always been a quiet, unobtrusive, meditative, anal-retentive, even repressed character. In contrast to Frank, her polymorphously perverse master, and Jareth, her theatrically melancholy friend, she has always been…well, normal, very down-to-earth and shy. Inexperienced in the ways of intimacy, she does indeed have a sex drive, but its very existence still perturbs her, despite the fact that she’s in her early 20s.

I chose Soom Uyoo for my Jennifer doll because I wanted a sculpt that looked at once mature and innocent. Now that I actually have the doll in my hands, though, I realize how sexy she can be. I think Jennifer is realizing this too. As you can see from tonight’s series of photos, she looks hot in a low-cut, sheet outfit, proving that someone can be sweet and sexy at the same time.

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