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Do you believe in life after love?

Do you believe in life after love? published on 2 Comments on Do you believe in life after love?

Or, more accurately, do you believe in love after life? Will does. To find out what I’m talking about, see the pilot of season 5 over here.

In other (un)real news, Anneka, Will and their friends and enemies are now officially ensconced at their own Web space. Free from the blinking ads of Keenspace and open to comments by all, (un)real life now exists on my own server, easily updateable and controllable.

Everyone go over there and make comments now!! Or add a comment here so I can count you among my fans. I’d like to see how many readers I have. I’m making a list of fans below for my own reference. Don’t you want to be popular and join the list? :p

1 an42
2 Armeleia
3 Bashalot
4 Bravo1102
5 damsel_ophelia
6 ForeverVirginia
7 Hairbag
8 Henchman of Athena
9 JohnnyE4
10 MissMerrythe3rd
11 Mlatch221
12 Pluteus
13 Portico
14 SailorZeo
15 Santorrostro
16 Solea
17 thorngrove
18 twigling

Maybe I should work some BJDs in so I can tap into the thousands-strong DOA crowd? That would be an expensive marketing gimmick. :p


I enjoy the strips, but just a suggestion? Put the image on an .htm page instead of a direct-linked .jpg? Then again, I might be the only one who finds the browser’s automatic resizing annoying (or I might be the only one who hasn’t figured out how to turn that OFF!).

Thanks for the suggestion, Zeo. To resize, hover your mouse button over the lower right-hand corner. A button should appear with arrows coming out from its four corners. Click the button and the jpg will return to its normal size. That’s a browser setting…nothing to do with me. I’ll take it under advisement, though. 😀


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