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Realm updates: new location, look, humor and essays!

Realm updates: new location, look, humor and essays! published on 2 Comments on Realm updates: new location, look, humor and essays!

Update your links and bookmarks, loyal fans. Today inaugurates the new location, look and architecture of Jareth’s Realm. Now found at — this version of the Realm will be the most user-friendly version yet. I am now using a light, eminently extensible framework for the site, a PHP-based blog program called WordPress, so I can automate cross-references and category management. In other words, the site will be easier for you to browse and easier for me to maintain. Furthermore, since the software is Web-based, I can modify the Realm from any terminal, which means no waiting until I get a chunk of time to bang away on my laptop. That means more timely updates for you and more Labyrinthian fun for all of us. Hooray! I’m quite excited!

I’ve worked on and off for about three months on this upgrade, and, as you can tell, it’s not completely finished. For example, where the hell did all the fan art, essay pictures, wardrobe shots and “bad pix” go? Well, I haven’t figured out the best way to incorporate all my pictures into the Realm, so hang in there.

I wanted to roll out this new version of the Realm, though, because there’s a lot of cool new stuff that I’ve only hinted at in my blog. Look back over the last 20 years in a comprehensive history of Labyrinth and its fandom. Speculate on the possibility that Jareth = father figure [?!?!?!?!?]. Check out Nick Berquist’s two-part list for signs that you may be a male Laby fan. Part I. Part II. Scan the updated site history and credits.


Whoo! WordPress in tha hizzay! East side! CMS = the future. Isn’t it neat to be able to say that you’ve had a website for ten years? Ah…

In other, unrelated news, the Maraparty for tomorrow is cancelled due to illness. My own, even, which is a sucking suckbag of suckitude. I’d be great to do voicework for some bitter old Hollywood crone, though.

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