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Frank update: toward a more perfect neck

Frank update: toward a more perfect neck published on 4 Comments on Frank update: toward a more perfect neck

Armeleia’s been working on thickening Frank’s neck. Here, as we can see, it’s too long, but it is finally the correct circumference. Armeleia insists that he looks freakish and horrible. However, I don’t think that the current result looks so bad. When I put his head on Jareth’s body, the neck was a bit too long, with a similar result. It’s noticeable, but not revolting, in my opinion. Anyhow, the neck will be shortened before the project is finalized.


from Rosco

Neck is fine. Best portrayal of Frank ever was in summer 1998 at Seacoast Repertory theater. If David Bowie was slightly more muscular with really dark hair and wearing NOTHING at ALL except a few bondage straps and a teeny little leather thong….that would be an apt comparison for the guy playing Frank in that show.

TBH, I don’t think it’s too long, but I do agree that the circumference is now perfect.

BTW, I agree that the new Dollmore Model clothes are to die for . . . now, why won’t they make the same outfit in Luts size??!? *Jess froths and stomps her feet at the lack of available slutwear in her size*

— A ^-^

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