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The most beautiful skull in King’s Chapel

The most beautiful skull in King’s Chapel published on 1 Comment on The most beautiful skull in King’s Chapel

Sorry… You aren’t going to see it. Ever since I’ve been amassing a portfolio for my gallery show, I’ve been feeling awfully proprietary of my cemetery photos. I really doubt people would plagiarize them, but you never can be sure…which is why I keep the best ones on my hard drive.

Anyway, I took advantage of an incredibly sunny day yesterday to shoot some photos in King’s Chapel around noon. Though younger than the Granary across the way, King’s Chapel seems much less tended. Perhaps that’s because it’s on a downhill slope that makes the lowest part of the cemetery just a big leach field. Perhaps it’s because more of the stones were made of sandstone, which erodes easily. I think fewer people go to King’s Chapel, even though it, like the Granary, is on the heavily trafficked Freedom Trail, so people spend less time keeping it up.

They do have the best stone, though, right by the entrance. It’s an intricate carving in which a skeleton holds a spear and a candle snuffer, ready to extinguish the candle of life, which is sitting upon a globe. Behind the skeleton stands Father Time, an old bearded man, with his scythe. Unfortunately, you’re not going to see that either, at least not until I figure out how to manipulate the image so you can see all the detail in the carving. I promise I’ll show it to you, though. It’s impressive!

What you are going to see is a macro of a much longer epitaph on a woman’s grave, entitled Somebody Loved Her. I don’t think I need to explain the title.

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