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Jennifer meets other small BJDs in Burlington.

Jennifer meets other small BJDs in Burlington. published on No Comments on Jennifer meets other small BJDs in Burlington.

The usual band of geeks suspects took over the usual conference room at the Burlington Public Library this afternoon to swap doll parts, stories and photos. Jennifer started off grumpy because she was wearing the aforementioned frilly dress with cherries, but Ivy had a box o’ free shit from where she found a much more pleasing outfit, modeled below. Other loot I nabbed: a fuzzy pink sweater, a knitted shawl and a troll with pink hair to confiscate for Jennifer…not to mention the 1:3 bottle of Beck beer, this last from Barb!

Jennifer hung out with Jamie’s OrientDoll Tae, Quaid, who is 40 cm to her 27. He’s very realistically proportioned, and I can’t wait to see his female counterpart! She also posed with Breck’s Souldoll Kimmy, Puck, who is shorter and slenderer than she is. I like the 1:6 Souldoll BJD bodies better than Soom’s; Souldoll’s features are meatier and more realistic.

An informal survey on the way back to the T revealed that I’m not the only one who feels completely wiped out after meets. Steph, Jamie, Sam and Meg said that they all wanted to go to sleep afterward, despite the fact that we always part ways before dinner. Steph put it best when she said, “It’s like you’ve been mainlining fun for 4 hours. Then you go home and can’t stand any more fun!”

Jennifer with Quaid [OrientDoll Tae]:

With Puck [Souldoll Kimmy]:

Note: Oh yeah, and Meg paid me an installment of $40.00 for the Bella head. $80.00 remains outstanding.

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