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It’s a sleepy Jennifer?!! …and other small dollses

It’s a sleepy Jennifer?!! …and other small dollses published on 2 Comments on It’s a sleepy Jennifer?!! …and other small dollses

I didn’t notice, but apparently Soom came out with a sleepy Uyoo head called Romantic Uyoo. While I titled the post “Sleepy Jennifer,” it doesn’t really look like Jennifer at all… She is lovely, though, and I want her head, even though I have no use for it. She has an Anneka Elizabeth look to her… I’m E-mailing Soom now and asking if it’s possible to get the Romantic head sold separately with faceup. It would be cheap too, $80.00, which is how much I paid for Velvette’s head. [Actually, Velvette was one of those super limited edition Mbili Barbies that I bought for $100.00, and I ended up giving away most of the designer costume, tossing the body, taking down her hair and transplanting her onto a poorly painted CG body. She’s one of my favorite and most beautiful dolls and absolutely worth what I paid.]

While I’m linking to things, I should note that Orient Doll has an affordable 1:6 toddler BJD at 4.65″. At $109.00 excluding s/h, an unpainted So is about half the price of Jennifer! I have plans for a toddler in the future of Love Has Fangs, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest that type of money in a tertiary character. He’d have to be a central character for at least a season [or he’d have to have a recurring secondary role like Velvette the hot and expensive!] to justify that expense.


Oh, I love the sleepy version!!

If I had tons of money, I’d buy an Uyoo and a Metel and switch out their hands and feet . . . See what I mean? Wish they offered larger option hands and feet — I understand the reasoning why Uyoo is proportioned as she is (to fit into Barbie clothes), but for those of us who are obsessed with proportion, doing the switch would be a lot of fun!

— A <3<3

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