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Long-awaited Triad prototypes photos!

Long-awaited Triad prototypes photos! published on 2 Comments on Long-awaited Triad prototypes photos!

Triad Toys has finally unveiled Eva [fem] and Evo [masc] 1.0.  As you can see in the photos, they have swappable heads, hands and feet; double-ganged elbows and knees;  and 40+ points of articulation. What you can’t see from the photos is just as impressive. Each fig comes with two chest options: unbound [for baring the breast] and bound [smaller, to go under clothes]. Furthermore, hair can either be swapped with molded hairpieces or size 4 mini wigs. And, if all that wasn’t enough, eyes [probably 4mm] can be swapped and positioned, just like in your average BJD! Much jubilation and speculation is now occurring over on MWD.

The bad news? Well, they’re not shipping nude bodies until November [why must they torment us so?!]. Additionally, the price will be $35-$40 for a nude without s/h. Oooh, my achin’ wallet… Triad clearly is not making cheap bash fodder like BBI’s Perfect Bodies. Triad is targeting the careful creator of high-quality customized figs. I remain disappointed that there are no cheap fems for bash fodder out there, ever since the PBs went out of production.

As for initial impressions, I appreciate Triad’s balance between aesthetics and poseability.  The standard masc and fem bodies look appropriately realistic, though I think that the lower abdomens are too long on each and the thighs too short for proper stylization.  Part of me wishes that the fems had bigger boobs and a more defined waist, but it’ll be nice to get someone who doesn’t stretch all tank tops beyond recognition [no thanks to Anneka certain people].

I see that I’ll have to stock up on a few just for bashing purposes, since I like the bulk and solidity of Cys, PBs, Triads and the like, as opposed to the slender, fashion-doll-like Obitsus. Cut for proto photo.


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