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Scratch that…what was Will’s is now Max’s body.

Scratch that…what was Will’s is now Max’s body. published on No Comments on Scratch that…what was Will’s is now Max’s body.

My attempt to Frankenstein the aforementioned skinny body for Will failed. The muscular arms looked out of proportion to the narrow torso. Also the torso was too short. I moved Will back to a body type much like his Dragon body [sigh]. None of these changes have shaken his attraction to his tragically pink and gold cowboy boots. ~_~

I did, however, save the disproportionate body. I decided that it would be perfect for a male character who uses a wheelchair. [Thus his arms would be bulked up from wheeling the chair, while his paralyzed legs would be slender.] Since I have a male character that I want to embody, Max, I decided that Anneka’s dad would get the body I Frankensteined two nights ago. Since I painted his face last night, I just need to give him hair before he can break his invisibility and appear on camera. [Hey Max…stop hiding in the bathroom and flushing your pills!!]

Oh yeah…and I need to get Max a wheelchair. Fortunately he’s narrow enough to fit in a Barbie wheelchair…

Pictures later.

Note to self: Make a banner for trade with Action Figure Diary. [If you haven’t seen it, go read it. It contains 1:6 action figures in silly escapades, along with their human owners. Gentle and witty, with great character development.]

Also sign up for, not only for publicity, but also for easy storage of transcriptions.

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